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Olivia D. Morgan

Senior Advisor, The Shriver Report Project-- Special Editions

Olivia Morgan has been at the creative edge of government, public policy and political communications throughout her career. She served as Managing Editor on two Shriver Reports, and is currently Senior Advisor to A Woman’s Nation, a project led by Maria Shriver, dedicated to fostering a national conversation on how best to realign American institutions with current needs of American workers and families. She is also president of her own politicultural communications firm, OM Strategies, having previously launched and grown a statewide, multi-million dollar communications and public affairs consulting firm, where she managed projects designed to shape public policy debates and also aid the development of non-profit organizations. Morgan served as the Director of Federal Relations for California under Governor Gray Davis, and has been a spokesperson for elected leaders at national and state levels.

Morgan is honored to serve on the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities, where she has led the creation of the new National Student Poet Program, to annually recognize, at the highest level, five high school poets for their craft, voice, and creativity. She is also on the Board of the New England Center for Children and on the National Leadership Council of Polaris Project’s Vision 2020. She lives with her husband and two young children in Washington, DC.

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