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The Shriver Report is a nonpartisan initiative that raises awareness, ignites conversations and inspires impact around the defining issues and fundamental changes facing modern women and their families and is a project of A Woman’s Nation ™

By convening influential voices and bold ideas from across the cultural spectrum, The Shriver Report works to:

REPORT seismic shifts in American culture and society affecting women and their families.

IGNITE high-profile, high-impact national conversations about the status of American women.

COMMUNICATE women’s shifting roles, evolving needs, and emerging power across all areas of modern life, in ways that are accessible, unexpected, and news-making

CALL on our nation’s major institutions to recognize that women are now central to the key issues facing the nation—and to respond by putting women at the center of their policies and practices.

The Shriver Report is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary look at how American families live and work today, giving clear insight into one of the most important social trends of our time: the emergence of women into all areas of society.

The Shriver Report’s Special Reports are a groundbreaking and award-winning series of book-length examinations of major transformational moments in American society affecting women and their families.

Our Special Reports combine research and analysis from the nation’s top academic institutions and think tanks with news-making national polls, captivating photography, and personal narratives from everyday Americans and government, corporate, faith, opinion, and media leaders.

Our Special Reports challenge thought-leaders, policymakers and the institutions that matter most in American life to update their policies, practices and perspectives in ways that reflect the realities of women and the modern American family.

We report facts that move people to act through:

And through the following components:

Our series of Special Reports include:

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