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The Shriver Report is a nonpartisan initiative that raises awareness, ignites conversations and inspires impact around the defining issues and fundamental changes facing modern women and their families and is a project of A Woman’s Nation ™

By convening influential voices and bold ideas from across the cultural spectrum, The Shriver Report works to:TSR Logo

  • REPORT seismic shifts in American
    culture and society affecting women
    and their families.
  • IGNITE high-profile, high-impact national conversations about the status of American women.
  • COMMUNICATE women’s shifting roles, evolving needs, and emerging power across all areas of modern life, in ways that are accessible, unexpected, and news-making
  • CALL on our nation’s major institutions to recognize that women are now central to the key issues facing
    the nation—and to respond by putting women at the center of their policies and practices.

The Shriver Report is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary look at how American families live and work today, giving clear insight into one of the most important social trends of our time: the emergence of women into all areas of society.

Read about our latest report: A Woman’s Nation Pushes Back from the Brink or simply DOWNLOAD it here.


Special Reports

AWN Cover The Shriver Report’s Special Reports are a groundbreaking and award-winning series of book-length examinations of major transformational moments in American society affecting women and their families.

Our Special Reports combine research and analysis from the nation’s top academic institutions and think tanks with news-making national polls, captivating photography, and personal narratives from everyday Americans and government, corporate, faith, opinion, and media leaders.

Our Special Reports challenge thought-leaders, policymakers and the institutions that matter most in American life to update their policies, practices and perspectives in ways that reflect the realities of women and the modern American family.

We report facts that move people to act through:

  • Partnering with leading academic, media, corporate and grassroots organizations, allowing its issues and findings to be communicated outside the usual channels of policy debate.
  • Reporting on both the relevant problems and the meaningful solutions — public, private and personal.
  • Approaching the conversations in a way that brings men into the conversation.

And through the following components:

  • Comprehensive Special Reports
  • The Initiatives
  • Inspiring Filmmaking
  • Probing Academic Research and National Polls
  • Dynamic Events & Conversations: The Shriver Report LIVE
  • Compelling Personal Storytelling
  • Innovative Digital Platforms:
  • Award-Winning Photojournalism
  • Collaborative Partnerships
  • Advisory Network

Our series of Special Reports include:

  • In 2009, A Woman’s Nation Changes Everything, in partnership with the Center for American Progress, examined the national impact of women becoming fully half the U.S. workforce for the first time.
  • In 2010, A Woman’s Nation Takes on Alzheimer’s, in partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association, revealed that women are at the epicenter of the Alzheimer’s epidemic. It used the lens of Alzheimer’s disease to examine the national impact of women’s role as unpaid caregivers.
  • In 2014, A Woman’s Nation Pushes Back from the Brink, in partnership with the Center for American Progress, addressed the alarming economic insecurity of American women and their families.
National Advisory Committee

National Advisory Committee members are national thought leaders who contribute to all aspects of our Special Reports based on their years of unique experience and expertise, helping to make them award-winning, ground-breaking, and solutions-oriented examinations of the status of the American women at transformational moments in history. Each member’s community of influence helps amplify our discussion, expanding The Shriver Report network’s reach from coast-to-coast, from University classrooms to the halls of Congress, from the White House to community-based organizations, foundations, businesses, government leaders, and families. As a member of the Advisory Network, participants are asked to involve their affiliated organizations in our research and content development, offer substantive guidance on issues, messaging, and strategies, and to help identify specific solutions that can address the needs of women and families today.

03 is the go-to destination where you can read The Shriver Reports, purchase them, and get information on the bold ideas contained in them.  This digital platform focuses on solutions, resources and links to our partners to help you become architects of change in your own lives.

The Shriver Report Live

The Shriver Report Live is a series of special events, issue forums and roundtable conversations across the country that give voice to the women and men who are living on the front lines of our country’s economic and cultural shifts.

In January 2014, The Shriver Report partnered with The Atlantic to produce the Shriver Report LIVE in Washington, D.C. in association with the launch of our new Special Report.

Our Team

The Shriver Report leadership team is composed of media, political and cultural strategists, writers and producers who have a proven record of shining a bright light on cutting-edge issues in the mainstream of American culture.

Maria Shriver

Maria Shriver Headshot - 2012Maria Shriver is a mother of four, a Peabody and Emmy Award-winning journalist and producer, a six-time New York Times best-selling author, and an NBC News Special Anchor covering the shifting roles, emerging power and evolving needs of women in modern life. Since 2009, Shriver has produced a groundbreaking series of Shriver Reports that chronicle and explore seismic shifts in the American culture and society affecting women today. Shriver was California’s First Lady from 2003 to 2010 and, during that time, she spearheaded what became the nation’s premier forum for women, The Women’s Conference. Shriver’s work is driven by her belief that all of us have the ability to be what she calls Architects of Change — people who see a problem in their own life or the community around them, then step out of their comfort zone and do what it takes to create the solution.

A Woman's Nation™

A Woman’s Nation
is dedicated to making sure that the value of women is recognized and respected – at home, in the workplace and as caretakers on the frontlines of humanity. Through its multimedia initiatives and innovative partnerships, A Woman’s Nation informs, inspires, and ignites change in hearts and minds.

Founded in 2011 by Maria Shriver, A Woman’s Nation (formerly called “The Open Field Foundation”) is the successor to The Women’s Conference® organization led by Maria when she served as First Lady of California from 2004 through 2010. During those years, the annual women’s conference became the nation’s premier forum for women, convening 140 newsmakers and world opinion leaders with more than 30,000 women from all walks of life to be educated, inspired and empowered to be Architects of Change in their own lives, within their communities and around the world. The Women’s Conference®, as it was simply known, was a nonprofit organization that also created and implemented several programs aimed at empowering women financially, emotionally, and through education, and due to the success of the annual conference was able to award $6 million in grants to organizations supporting women. The Women’s Conference® no longer exists, although we are proud that it has been credited with spawning many other conferences for women throughout the country.


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