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Safe and Consensual: Talking to Teens About Sex and Relationships
Quite often, teen girls struggle to effectively communicate with their romantic partners, while teen boys have not yet acquired the proper skills to listen and accept the personal boundaries outlined by their romantic counterparts.  → Read More
Can Teaching About the Realities of Parenting Prevent Unplanned Pregnancy?
“I learned taking care of a child isn’t all unicorns and glitter.”– Female (15)
“I learned that you have other ways to educate your kids instead of justhitting them.” – Male (17)
“I learned even if I want a child right now, if I just wait and finish school my child will have a better life.”- Female (17) These telling comments were made by high school students after recently attending the program “Healthy Foundations for Future Families.” Developed by the nonprofit organization Education for Successful Parenting (ESP), this program provides adolescents with information and life skills so they can make thoughtful choices before they conceive their first child.  → Read More
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