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Special Edition

Why I Looked Forward to Going Back to Work After Baby
One of the most amazing things about being a mom is that it instantly connects you with billions of other women in the world regardless of ethnicity, religion, or demographics. You connect through the same shared experiences and problems. Though we all fall into the same “mom” role, what we choose to do with our time outside of being a mom is what differentiates us.  → Read More
My Story
Loving Other People’s Kids: An Aunt’s Epiphany
I would rather eat a bowl of salt than play Candy Land or Chutes and Ladders. This reality was a serious factor in my decision not to have children. For years, my husband and I joked that as childfree adults with eleven nieces and nephews, we have the “best of both worlds.” We figured we could be the fun adults who spend time with kids without any of the responsibilities, worries or hardships of actually being parents. Turns out we were a bit wrong.  → Read More
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