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Wipe Out Alzheimer’s: Powered by Women’s Brains
Every 67 seconds a brain develops Alzheimer’s and two thirds of them belong to women. In her early sixties, a woman is about twice as likely to develop Alzheimer’s than breast cancer over the remainder of her life. This disease does not discriminate by age. Every year more than 200,000 people in their thirties, forties, and fifties will develop early on-set Alzheimer’s. By 2050 16 million brains will have fallen victim.  → Read More
Meet the Women Behind ‘Still Alice’
The “Women of Still Alice” is a print ad that brings together some of the women who used their brains to create this powerful film about Alzheimer’s disease. “Still Alice” is a movie that gives us a rare window into the experience of living with Alzheimer’s disease—a glimpse of the inside looking out.  → Read More
Safe and Consensual: Talking to Teens About Sex and Relationships
Quite often, teen girls struggle to effectively communicate with their romantic partners, while teen boys have not yet acquired the proper skills to listen and accept the personal boundaries outlined by their romantic counterparts.  → Read More
How My Mother-in-Law’s Dementia Inspires Me
For the past few years, we have been witness to my mother-in-law’s slow and steady memory-loss. Recently, I have decided to see this tragic turn in our family in a new light. There is some shame for me in admitting that my mother-in-law’s suffering has inspired me.  → Read More
The White House Summit on Working Families: Real Conversations about Real Families
If you’ve ever closed your eyes in utter defeat and frustration –
if you’ve ever not managed to be in two places at once –
if you’ve ever felt like a failure both as a mom or dad, and as an employee –
…. The White House Working Families Summit was the place for you on Monday June 23.  → Read More
Working on a Dream: Reflections on The White House Summit on Working Families
In the late 1940s, my grandmother found herself a single mother of three, living far from family in Washington, DC, where she had moved to be a Government Girl during the war.  → Read More
My Story
My Splendid, Blended Family
Every time I see a magazine or newspaper or Internet article devoted to the “new, blended” family, I think perhaps I should tell my story—my blended-family story. Here it is. It may not seem like a happy story at first, but it is a story about change, about transition. As so many life-changing events do, it all started with a telephone call of bad news.  → Read More
The City-Festo: 10 Ways To Move Your City Forward
A guide to implementing smart policies that support the modern family and lift men & women off the brink. Adopt it, post it, implement it, live it.  → Read More
(WATCH LIVE) White House Summit on Working Families
On Monday, June 23rd, President Obama will host the first ever White House Summit On Working Families to spark a national conversation about the modern family and identify solutions that are both good for employers and workers.  → Read More
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