The Shriver Report – LIFT

Special Edition


LIFT is working to help lift people out of poverty for good.

We pair rigorously trained advocates with committed community members to build the strong personal, social and financial foundations they need to get ahead. By setting their own goals and working hard to achieve them, LIFT Members are equipped to get a job, a safe home and a quality education for themselves and their kids. They also build a support network, confidence in what they bring to the table and the skills to manage tough times in the future.

LIFT operates resource centers in six cities across the nation where members of the community can come get help. Nearly 100,000 Members in six major cities have already committed to do the hard work needed to achieve their goals–and it is working. LIFT is putting an average of $1,300 back into the pockets of struggling families so that they can make ends meet.

Additionally, as we mark the 50th Anniversary of the War on Poverty, the inaugural cohort of Shriver AmeriCorps Fellows will serve full time at LIFT sites to further realize Sargent Shriver’s vision: Americans engaged in service to their fellow citizens, working together to build pathways to prosperity.

Over the next three years in LIFT’s regional offices in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC, 20 Shriver AmeriCorps Fellows will enable LIFT to recruit thousands of volunteers and more effectively track its community impact. The Shriver AmeriCorps Fellows will be right on the front lines helping to build program and development processes to support LIFT’s efforts over the long-term. These capacity-building activities will ensure that low-income families that are LIFT Members are getting solutions for real issues they face — issues like hunger, homelessness, health care, and unemployment. The Shriver Corps will serve as a beacon for the national service movement – making a cultural statement about the role of service in helping families access economic opportunity and achieve lasting success.

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