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Special Edition


At HandUp, we believe that we’re all better off in a society where everyone can meet their basic needs. That’s why we created our company – to leverage technology and the power of human relationships to fight urban poverty.

What We Do
Our charitable giving platform provides donors with a new, simple and direct way to impact the lives of their homeless neighbors and other low-income locals. HandUp connects these populations to case workers at some of the most well-respected social service organizations in the nation for further assistance. With resources and words of support, our community of donors also strengthen safety nets that our members can call upon in times of need.

How It Started
The idea for HandUp started as a simple side project in early 2013 because we wanted to do something about homelessness that’s so visible on the streets of San Francisco. With the support and encouragement of Tumml, Project Homeless Connect, and so many others we turned this small side-project into a full-fledged company. Over the next year, HandUp attracted funding from some of Silicon Valley’s most experienced investors and we started the journey of expanding our community of giving across the country.

Going Forward
As we expand, we’ll continue connecting the abundance of resources and support in our society with the capabilities of existing social service non-profit and government organizations. At HandUp, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential. Interested in becoming a partner? Join us!

If you would like to learn more about HandUp, please visit our FAQ page.

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