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Anushay Hossain

Anushay Hossain is a Bangladeshi blogger & journalist based in Washington, DC.  She launched Anushay’s Point in 2009, and her work is regularly featured in Forbes Woman, Huffington Post, The International Herald Tribune, & Ms. Magazine Blog.

Anushay spent a decade as a feminist policy analyst on Capitol Hill before becoming a full-time writer and editor in 2013.

Her career in women’s rights began as an intern at the Bangladesh Rehabilitation Assistance Committee (BRAC) where she worked on micro-finance for women in her native country, Bangladesh. A University of Virginia graduate, Anushay joined the Feminist Majority Foundation’s Nobel Peace Prize nominated Campaign for Afghan Women prior to completing her MA in Gender and Development at the University of Sussex.

After a year at the United Nations Development Fund for Women’s (UNIFEM UK) London office, Anushay returned to Washington, DC where she spent the past decade analyzing the impact of US foreign policy on the health and rights of women and girls around the world.

Anushay has contributed to BBC Radio, National Public Radio (NPR), Sirius XM Radio, Russia Today (RT), Canada’s CBC, and regularly co-anchors “The Stream” on Al-Jazeera English (AJE), the network’s Emmy nominated social-media driven show.

She frequently travels to leading colleges and universities across the country giving talks on global women’s rights movements. Anushay has spoken at Georgetown University, American University, George Washington University, New York University (NYU), Duke, Yale Law School, & the University of Michigan.

A fervent lover of cultures, Anushay spent a year in Italy studying Italian and is fluent in six languages. She is married and lives in Washington, DC with her Iranian-American husband and their daughter.

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