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“A voice of integrity and conviction resides within us. It may have been silenced, but it is not lost. This is the voice of love and the voice of democratic citizenship.”
—Carol Gilligan
“I'll be happy if the last thing they say about me after I die is that I made a difference.”
—Lilly Ledbetter
“It’s no longer “us” and “them.” The bright lines separating the middle class from the working poor and the working poor from those in absolute poverty have blurred.”
—Maria Shriver
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“ Choose to be respected over liked. And I’m not saying you want to be unlikable, but I think women sometimes have a greater need to be liked and it holds them back.”
—M.J. Tocci
“The Shriver Report makes clear that the hopes of our mothers and grandmothers -- that women can be or do anything we want in life -- are being realized.”
—Condoleezza Rice former Secretary of State
“We have earned the right to celebrate the kind of power that isn’t about landing the corner office, but about stoking an internal fire.”
—Oprah Winfrey
“ Women are more likely than ever to head their own families. They're doing it all—and many of them have to do it all. ”
—Maria Shriver
“The Shriver Report presents an accurate and detailed portrait of American women and families at this transformational moment in our history.”
—Maria Shriver
“What we heard loud and clear is that the Battle Between the Sexes is over. It was a draw. Now we're engaged in Negotiation Between the Sexes.”
—Maria Shriver
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