The Shriver Report – Series – Father’s Day

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Father's Day
A Moment Frozen in Time: Memories of my Father
Growing up my brothers teased me as brothers often do. The story goes that when he found out I was to be a girl he joked, “Send her back!” What’s more, due to complications during my birth I was told he left the hospital. Because of that teasing, I never felt a connection with my dad.  → Read More
Father's Day
#FathersDayFirsts: Dads Share Photos and Reactions to Holding Their Babies
 → Read More
Father's Day
How I Handle Father’s Day: A Single Mom’s Perspective
I have been parenting alone for eight years. I have also represented children in custody and post-divorce decree matters in domestic relations court. I know from both personal and professional experience that Father’s Day can evoke a range of emotions in both single mothers and their children.  → Read More
Father's Day
When Father’s Day is Bittersweet: One Woman Remembers Her Father
This Father’s Day will mark 35 years without my father. He died in 1979, just two weeks shy of my fifth birthday. My mother remarried a few years later; however, Father’s Day still remains a difficult holiday.  → Read More
Father's Day
Let’s Remove the Mask of Masculinity
Men and women are really out of sync today. The Women’s Movement that began in the late 1960s produced enormous changes in women’s roles, particularly with regard to women’s participation in the workplace and higher education, but men’s roles generally have not changed much in turn.  → Read More
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