The Shriver Report – GENESYS WORKS

Special Edition


Genesys Works is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that enables inner-city high school students to break through barriers and discover through meaningful work experience that they can succeed as professionals in the corporate world.

Students enter our program during the summer prior to their senior year and, after eight intensive weeks of training, are assigned to work at one of our client locations, part time, during their senior year.

The training is designed to arm students with the knowledge they need to provide value to corporations in specific technical fields varying at each of our locations. Furthermore, students are trained on the professional skills needed (such as communications and corporate behavior) to enter and succeed in corporate environments. From the first day they walk into our facilities, which are located in the downtown business districts of the cities we serve, the students are exposed to a culture of high expectations and professionalism. Our entire community benefits as we develop a more diverse workforce for the future.

Our ultimate success, however, is not measured by the number of sites or the number of students we directly serve. Rather, we hope to serve as a catalyst for major education reform and will consider our mission accomplished when we are able to, in true partnership with schools, achieve a culture in inner-city schools in which the pursuit of a professional career becomes “the given” for all students. Read the full mission and vision here.

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