The Shriver Report – war on poverty

Special Edition

Time to Wake Up: Stop Blaming Poverty on the Poor
Fifty years ago, President Lyndon B. Johnson made a move that was unprecedented at the time and remains unmatched by succeeding administrations. He announced a War on Poverty, saying that its “chief weapons” would be “better schools, and better health, and better homes, and better training, and better job opportunities.”  → Read More
A Woman’s Nation Pushes Back from the Brink: Facts and Figures
One in three women in America are living in poverty or teetering on its brink. That’s 42 million women plus the 28 million children who depend on them.
The American family has changed. Today, only one in five families has a homemaker mom and working dad. Two out of three families depend on the wages of working moms who are struggling to balance caregiving and breadwinning.  → Read More
A Woman's Nation Pushes Back from the Brink
The Shrivers’ Reports to the Heart of the Nation
Like her father, Maria is a catalytic leader who casts the widest possible net in generating and compiling the stories and essays that constitute The Shriver Reports. And as Sarge remarked about his own process in the formulation of the War on Poverty, “I decided that in the brief time we had, we would read everything that had been written about poverty; listen to anyone who had anything to say; accept advice from any source.” Driven by shared habits of mind that seek to challenge familiar assumptions and embrace all possibly relevant questions, the Shrivers’ reports generate insights that break new ground, foster hope, and trigger commitment.  → Read More