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Shhh. Don’t Tell Anyone That I’m A Stay-At-Home Mom
Do we need to do it all at once in order to be a modern woman, or dare I say a feminist? All of us face challenges and make hard choices. Women supporting each other, especially in this “man’s world” is important for all of us to succeed in what ever circumstance we find ourselves. Whether we’re running a company, heading the PTA, managing a household or working our way through college, women of all ages need to know we have each other’s back. Let’s be advocates for one another because having choices is what feminism is all about.  → Read More
Are Moms the Worst Offenders in Online Bullying?
There are those who don’t believe the so-called “Mommy Wars” are real. They insist the conflict is something created by the media to make a profit. A case of the tail wagging the dog, if you will. There is no denying the media does what it can to fan the flames. But the simple fact is, there would be nothing to ignite if the embers did not burn within us.  → Read More
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