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Census Estimate of Stay-at-Home Dads Doesn’t Tell the Whole Story
I like numbers. I really do. But there’s one particular number that I’ve got a real problem with. It’s the U.S. Census estimate on the current number of stay-at-home fathers, or SAHDs as they are occasionally called. I came across the estimate last week, while reading a news story about a particular stay-at-home dad. That the story had “Mr. Mom” in the headline was bad enough, but the real offense here was the article’s final line.  → Read More
Of Babies and Men: A Stay-at-Home Dad Reflects on Stewart Friedman’s Baby Bust
“What is the point of this again?” That’s the question my thirteen-year-old recently asked on a gorgeous afternoon as she flew through the trees on a zip line about twenty feet above the ground. Teen daughter’s angst one, weary father’s plan zip (literally). I had been trying to find an outdoorsy adventure to wow my two daughters. The trip thrilled my ten-year-old, but my teen’s surprising reaction led to a gentle accusation: “Dad, I think you wanted boys instead of girls.”  → Read More
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