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Single Mother in College: Willpower and a Lot of Help
Going back to college at age 25 last year wasn’t an easy decision for me. I went to college at age 18, but took a break to work and earn a living. When I was 20, I became pregnant with my boyfriend’s child. As hard as we tried, the relationship didn’t work out, and we parted ways. That breakup was difficult. Except for some phone calls and emails, he had stopped being involved with us by the time my beautiful baby girl was born.  → Read More
America’s Working Single Mothers: An Appreciation
By LeBron James
I am honored to participate in a project that is trying to help single mothers who are struggling to make a living and raise their kids, because that perfectly describes my mother when I was growing up. You think LeBron James is a champion? Gloria James is a champion too. She’s my champion.  → Read More
Marriage, Motherhood and Men
Fifty years ago, the pioneers of the War on Poverty saw no need to call for a strengthening of the American family as a critical component to combat- ing poverty. At the time, marriage—centered around motherhood and the man of the family—was still the prevailing norm for raising children and staving off poverty.  → Read More
What About the Fathers?
As the author of two books about low-income single mothers, I often give talks or appear on call-in shows. Audiences always want to know about the men single mothers have children with. They ask me, “Why don’t you talk to the dads? What about the fathers?”  → Read More
Working from the Inside Out: Transforming the Lives of Young Single Mothers
Jeremiah Program provides safe and affordable housing, quality on-site early childhood education, life skills and empowerment training, and support for career-track education. Jeremiah’s goal is to help single mothers—who must be enrolled in higher-education classes—graduate with postsecondary degrees, with livable-wage jobs and strong parenting skills, all while preparing their children for their own school success.  → Read More
Standing Up to Dumbing Yourself Down
If life is less about what happens to us than how we respond, the same holds true for our children who bear witness to our lives, values, choices and attitudes, day in and day out. They absorb the good and bad, the fair and unfair, forming opinions about the world that have the power to influence and shape the very course of their lives. As a mother, I am acutely aware of this, ever mindful that I am my daughter’s first and most important role model for what it means to be female in this world — at home, at work, and in life at-large.  → Read More
No Man Required: One Woman’s Journey to Motherhood
Ever experienced a time when life wasn’t panning out exactly as you had planned? Filmmaker Nina Davenport found herself in that same situation. As she neared the age of 42, and still hadn’t found the man of her dreams, but had always dreamed of having a child. So she decided to take matters into her own hands and have a child on her own. Davenport, who has been making feature-length documentary films since graduating from Harvard College in 1990, decided to make a movie about the process and experience called, “First Comes Love”.  → Read More
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