The Shriver Report – single fatherhood

Special Edition

Coping with the Absence of Your Children in Shared Custody
Silence sets in. The sounds of little voices and happy giggles no longer fill my car. I look in the rearview at their empty car seats and my eyes begin to well up. It’s going to be a long week without them. Saying goodbye to my children for a whole week is the result of choices I’ve made. Questions arise and self-doubt creeps in. “Did I do the right thing by ending it?” “Could I have done anything differently?” “How are my kids handling everything?”  → Read More
What About the Fathers?
As the author of two books about low-income single mothers, I often give talks or appear on call-in shows. Audiences always want to know about the men single mothers have children with. They ask me, “Why don’t you talk to the dads? What about the fathers?”  → Read More
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