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Why I Looked Forward to Going Back to Work After Baby
One of the most amazing things about being a mom is that it instantly connects you with billions of other women in the world regardless of ethnicity, religion, or demographics. You connect through the same shared experiences and problems. Though we all fall into the same “mom” role, what we choose to do with our time outside of being a mom is what differentiates us.  → Read More
With Deep Gratitude For My Carpool
As the school year limps to a close, I have a distinct picture of myself as that runner who is carried to the finish line of the race– sweaty and cramped– by her fellow runners. I want to take this moment to thank my fellow runners of sorts — the people who on a daily basis carry me to the finish line — my carpool driving partners.  → Read More
See Mom Run: Why We Should Vote for More Moms
Imagine your typical candidate for public office. Just call up the first picture that comes to mind. What do you see? Is it a guy? A younger person or an older one? White? Yeah, I thought so. Me, too. But I’m starting to change my mind. I’m envisioning a younger woman, and one with kids.  → Read More
Motherhood: A Must-Read
It’s clear to you immediately that you can have anything you want when you have cancer. Word spreads, and your doorstep shows it—a cheery bunch of Gerber daisies, a little tin of peanut butter cookies, a calla lily. The phone calls are endless. You think to yourself that your diagnosis is probably generating as much curiosity and awkwardness as winning the lottery would. Except two people who still want you to find their bunny—not that one!—and fill up their sippy cup and read them a book.  → Read More
Mothering Our Mothers
I was also unwavering in my commitment to raising my daughter under completely different circumstances than I was reared in. Then the inevitable happened. My daughter, my life, left for college.  → Read More
The Last Drop: Grieving the End of Breastfeeding
Childbearing women pass a lot of milestones, from the first time we hear our baby’s heartbeat to the big twenty-four-week gender-revealing ultrasound. But there’s one significant milestone that we don’t talk about.  → Read More
Raising a Child (and a New Generation) with Autism
When asked about the challenges of being a mom to a child with special needs, the first thing that comes to mind is that there is not enough time. There was a time when I might have written about the incredible responsibility and overwhelming financial demands – perhaps even about a lost marriage or forgotten career. But I have grown since then. I am wiser, more selfless, and reality has set in.  → Read More
Motherhood Under the Microscope: What the Latest Research Reveals
The study of motherhood is critical social science with meaning for women and public policy makers. Both will find the latest Pew Research is an illuminating essay about who we are and what we are doing.  → Read More
#WorldsToughestJob Ad: Could You Handle These Job Requirements?
Several candidates interviewed via webcam for a potential job and were shocked when they heard about the responsibilities and requirements. One applicant even asked: “Is that legal?”  → Read More
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