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Business Tips from Two Female Millennial Entrepreneurs
No matter how many rings you may have around the tree, starting a business is not easy. Learn some tricks-of-the-trade from two successful millennial women entrepreneurs.  → Read More
Have You Ever Been on the Brink? (VIDEO)
GlobalGirl Reporters in Los Angeles perform an original poem about what it means to “be on the brink” as a teenage girl.  → Read More
How One Millennial Found Her Calling After the Loss of Her Mother
When I was 5 years old, I walked down Broadway and saw a sign with Big Bird. My dream was to “make it big” in New York City. When I grew up, I moved to New York, but it was a different than I had ever imagined. I chased after a dollar. I hustled. I taught French, worked in a café (for a week), showed apartments, cat sat, house sat, sold an iron on craigslist for $10, worked at Rolex on 5thAvenue and lived in about 10 different apartments. I never planned anything. I was a pianist who threw herself into a concrete jungle. I was always busy and obsessed with being busy. That all changed when I got the call from the hospital and rushed to DC to be by my mother’s side.  → Read More
Headlines from the Front Lines
Let’s Hear it for the Girls
Another week come and gone…and lucky for you, we’ve been keeping track of the interesting stories you may have missed! Celebrate the end of another long week by catching up on the headlines that caught our eye this week. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Find out what it means to…the American people. FINALLY! Leaders have reached a temporary deal to avoid the debt crisis and re-open our government, and women are getting most of the credit from their male colleagues on both sides of the aisle with Senator John McCain (R-Ariz) saying, “Leadership, I must fully admit, was provided primarily from women in the Senate.” Full Story: HuffPost: Men Got Us Into The Shutdown, Women Got Us Out  → Read More
Being A Feminist In A Sorority: Can You Really Do It?
As a recent graduate from a small southern private university, I have frequently toed the line between two very different identities throughout my four years. I grew up playing competitive softball, was a Women’s & Gender Studies major, and am a proud (and loud) feminist who played a significant role in my school’s LGBTQ organization. I am also a heterosexual, sorority girl who likes to attend fraternity parties and shamelessly flirt with boys. If you find yourself confused by these two very different persona, welcome to my world.  → Read More
In Today’s Workplace Is It a Negotiation or a Battle of the Sexes?
Every study indicates millennial males are an evolved model of masculinity: kinder, more accepting, unintimidated by dirty diapers, comfortable with sharing power with a new generation of high-achieving females. But how well do we really know them – particularly in the workplace? The new generation of women and work have been peeled, prodded and parsed from every angle – their education, their numbers, their issues, their needs, their frustrations. But you would be hard pressed to find one illuminating equivalent study on the male side of the gender divide.  → Read More
Caregiving as a Career
I am a 20-something college graduate with a bachelor’s of science in early childhood/childhood education (birth through grade 6). I am a nanny, with plans of some day opening my own home family daycare. For me caregiving is not just babysitting, it is a career – one that I take very seriously. However, my path as a caregiver has not been easy. It’s been a long, and frustrating road.  → Read More
Breaking Out of Internships
The real definition of an internship today is as follows: long-term interview. Employers are no longer satisfied with the standard three interview hiring process. They want to see what a perspective employee is really like outside of the thirty minute, wearing your best pant suit, hair perfectly quaffed, give ‘em the big smile interview.  → Read More
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