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No Children, No Regrets
When I was 17, I had a boyfriend named Bill and plans to flee the country if he were drafted. In imagining our expatriate life, we had chosen names for our non-existent but surely future children. It was the only and last time that I considered having kids.  → Read More
Doing It All: Is Working From Home The Answer To Our Prayers?
I recently discovered that I like to do it all, and for me, in a nutshell, that would be, writing and parenting. Being a working mom, I regularly get the question of how I “do it all,” and though I try to answer, I think this entire discourse is transforming before our eyes. “The ‘having it all’ conversation is outdated because so many of you are already doing it all,” Maria Shriver recently stated. And she is right. The question we should be posing is not about how to have it all, as Anne Marie Slaughter famously analyzed, but about how we are actually managing to juggle the constant cast of characters the play of life sends our way.  → Read More
How Are the Evolving Roles of Women Shaping Men’s Modern Realities?
Most of us are aware that the changes and shifts in women’s lives don’t happen in a vacuum, and therefor also directly impact men’s lives. But exactly how that impact is felt, and what it translates to, is something that only men can aptly explain themselves. So we decided to ask men some of the questions that are often directed at women, everything from “how do you do it all?” to “what keeps you up at night?” Their answers illuminate how the changes in our modern America are shifting men’s realities, along with women’s.  → Read More
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