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Improving Girls’ Body Image by Talking to Boys
Despite countless programs designed to educate girls and promote healthy body image, as well as the growth of girls’ sports, the problems remain and appear to be starting younger. I think I know part of the reason why: boys. Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT saying that boys force girls to diet or worry about their appearance. But we haven’t meaningfully taught boys how to challenge and deconstruct the image of female beauty they’re seeing; we’ve certainly taught girls that.  → Read More
A Woman's Nation Changes Everything
Battle of the Sexes Gives Way to Negotiations
But rather than pining for family structures of an earlier generation, we heard loud and clear from Americans in this study that government and businesses have failed to adapt to the needs of modern families. Men and women are ready and willing to work out the details of their stressful lives.  → Read More
A Woman's Nation Changes Everything
Transcending 9 to 5
We are balanced on the precipice of a whole new way of working and living, not just for women, but for everyone. If we can hold tight to our vision of what a more humane, healthy, and just America looks like, pull up our sleeves and do the hard work—side by side—that manifesting this vision will require, then the rewards could be breathtaking.  → Read More
A Woman's Nation Changes Everything
Sharing the Load
Although there are many variations by racial and ethnic status, income, and occupation in the division of housework and the values that couples hold about both of them doing these chores, one of the biggest predictors of a wife’s marital satisfaction is whether she feels that the division of housework is fair.  → Read More
A Woman's Nation Changes Everything
Genders Full of Question Marks
While we celebrate the advances women are making and ponder the conflicts society’s changes pose, men and women cannot lose track of the things each of us truly seeks from our relationships—regardless of the division of labor and which partner is earning the most money.  → Read More
A Woman's Nation Changes Everything
Has a Man’s World Become a Woman’s Nation?
If women’s entry into the labor force stirred up men’s ability to anchor their identity as family provider, women’s emergence as primary breadwinner is a seismic shift, shaking some men’s identities to their foundations. Coupled with the equally seismic shift in the structure of the workplace, we see a major reason why many contemporary observers see a “crisis” of masculinity—a general confusion and malaise about the meaning of manhood.  → Read More
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