The Shriver Report – gender equality

Special Edition

Stop Telling Women a Lack of Confidence Is What’s Holding Them Back
There’s a media storm going on about whether women are limited by sexism in our culture or by our own failure to push ourselves forward enough, hindered by self-doubt and persistent feelings of insecurity. If we only behaved with the same self-assurance that men have, we wouldn’t be derailed by motherhood, nor stymied by discrimination in the workplace.  → Read More
A Woman's Nation Pushes Back from the Brink
Want to Help Women? Help Men.
In her thoughtful op-ed in the New York Times, family historian Stephanie Coontz answered the question ”How Can we Help Men?” with a ringing endorsement of gender equality: “By Helping Women,” she answered. I’d like to suggest the converse is equally true. How Can We Help Women? By Helping Men.  → Read More