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4 Examples My Parents Set That Made Me Financially Savvy
My parents weren’t perfect, but they did a great job of raising one financially savvy kid. The money lessons my parents taught me as I was growing up have served me well in adulthood. Specifically four of these examples have helped me the most.  → Read More
How to Tackle Your Taxes – The Fun, Smart Way
Tax season is always an interesting time in people’s financial lives. There’s nothing like reviewing how much you spent, how much you earned and how much you did or didn’t save to stir things up in your relationship with money. But that doesn’t mean you should put off your taxes until the last minute. Here is how – and why – I took care of my taxes already this year.  → Read More
3 Simple Steps to Make Better Financial Decisions Today
You want to get things right. You want to look good. You’re smart and capable and want the world to know it. Yet, when it comes to financial decision making, you often put yourself through a financial self-interrogation that leaves you exhausted and uncertain. Here are three simple steps that will increase your comfort and confidence and help you make better financial decisions.  → Read More
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