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One Woman Shares Her Experience with Cancer, Losing Her Hair and Acceptance (Video)
In 2011, popular blogger, designer and DIYer behind the Lil Blue Boo clothing line, Ashley Hackshaw, thought she was pregnant. But her joy was soon dashed when the pregnancy didn’t take and instead, she was diagnosed with a rare cancer. Instead of planning for baby #2, she embarked on one of the most difficult journeys of her life. Ashley shares the secrets behind her crafts, her business, and life as a mom and wife on her blog, so when it came time to say farewell to her long, blond locks and shave her head, she decided to share that with her online community, too. It resulted in a video that had all of us in tears.  → Read More
Fertility Rescue Program Gives Cancer Patients Hope by Freezing their Eggs – For Free
In the United States, approximately 1 million women are diagnosed with cancer yearly, and of these about 10% are diagnosed before age 45 when reproduction is still a possibility or goal. The cancer most diagnosed in women less than age 45 is breast carcinoma, and the treatments usually involve a multi-drug chemotherapeutic regimen that is toxic to the oocyte population resting within the ovaries. Surgical removal of the ovaries and pelvic radiation are also commonly used treatments to battle cancer that will eliminate or greatly diminish fertility by ablating one’s egg reserve.  → Read More
Why are 50 Percent of Pregnancies in the U.S. Unplanned?
Despite advancements in contraceptive technology and the millions of dollars that is spent each year on contraception research and development, unplanned pregnancy rates in the U.S. have remained essentially unchanged for decades. The cost of these unplanned pregnancies is enormous, both in terms of public health and personal financial and emotional costs, and while they occur in all socioeconomic groups, unplanned pregnancies tend to happen more frequently in the underserved – women who are already financially and socially challenged. Approximately 50 percent of all pregnancies in the United States are unplanned, and of these, 43 percent will end in abortion.  → Read More
No Man Required: One Woman’s Journey to Motherhood
Ever experienced a time when life wasn’t panning out exactly as you had planned? Filmmaker Nina Davenport found herself in that same situation. As she neared the age of 42, and still hadn’t found the man of her dreams, but had always dreamed of having a child. So she decided to take matters into her own hands and have a child on her own. Davenport, who has been making feature-length documentary films since graduating from Harvard College in 1990, decided to make a movie about the process and experience called, “First Comes Love”.  → Read More
Should you Fight the Urge to Control Childbirth?
Due dates are a funny thing. They are completely made up and only five percent of women deliver on their due dates. But in the US there is this huge emphasis placed on this made-up date and when the day comes and goes with no baby everyone wonders what happened. In fact, 20 percent of women in this country just schedule their babies – either an induction or a cesarean section – to accommodate their busy schedules.  → Read More
I Wasn’t Supposed to Get Breast Cancer at 33
Sitting on the couch after a long day at work, I went to adjust my bra and inadvertently grazed a small lump on my breast. I didn’t give it much thought because it was that time of the month and besides it’s not like it could have been anything serious, right? I was busy with work, short on sick time, and quite honestly I didn’t feel like spending the money for the insurance copayment so decided I would just wait until my annual exam in a few months.  → Read More
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