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Dare to say the “F” Word
Let’s face it: admitting that injustices exist in our society, economy, and media when it comes to women isn’t always fun, it isn’t always comfortable, and it isn’t always easy. But it is 100% necessary. So I have a challenge for you.  → Read More
On Feminism and Inclusion: How I Decided What was Right for Me
When someone responds with sarcasm after I explain that I am not a Feminist, I believe it is more than an indication that I am being stereotyped, or judged, but that perhaps the person with whom I am speaking has limited exposure to different narratives of women’s livelihood. Like all things well-intended, therein are ugly truths, and American Feminism, is no exception. Knowing this, I made a choice about how I identify myself as an advocate for the rights of all women, and inclusion (or lack thereof) was foremost in my decision.  → Read More
What About All of Us Who Aren’t Interested in “Having it All?”
While some women are trying to burst through the glass ceiling (and we celebrate their successes and root for them from the sidelines), others are just struggling to make ends meet and put food on the table. And when some are fortunate enough to have the choice, they simply don’t want a corner office – or the pressure, responsibility, and hours that comes with it.  → Read More
We Are What Feminists Look Like
For us being a man means, and has meant for a very long time, treating everyone with respect, being unafraid to show our love and appreciation of our family and friends, and never abusing the privilege that society affords us. So many men are afraid to hug each other. They are afraid to tell each other that they love them, even in the brotherly sense.  → Read More
Being A Feminist In A Sorority: Can You Really Do It?
As a recent graduate from a small southern private university, I have frequently toed the line between two very different identities throughout my four years. I grew up playing competitive softball, was a Women’s & Gender Studies major, and am a proud (and loud) feminist who played a significant role in my school’s LGBTQ organization. I am also a heterosexual, sorority girl who likes to attend fraternity parties and shamelessly flirt with boys. If you find yourself confused by these two very different persona, welcome to my world.  → Read More
A Woman's Nation Changes Everything
Transcending 9 to 5
We are balanced on the precipice of a whole new way of working and living, not just for women, but for everyone. If we can hold tight to our vision of what a more humane, healthy, and just America looks like, pull up our sleeves and do the hard work—side by side—that manifesting this vision will require, then the rewards could be breathtaking.  → Read More
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