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3 Things We Could All Learn from the LGBTQI Community
I am a straight white male living in America, but earlier this month I joined with my gay brothers and sisters around the world to celebrate International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. I have never had to protest to protect my right to someday marry to the love of my life nor have I feared for my safety on the basis of my sexual orientation. As a leader in the MenEngage Alliance and as a person who cares about justice and fairness for all people living on our planet, I felt it was my responsibility to raise my voice in support of LBGTQI rights.  → Read More
#BringBackOurGirls – How to Help Women Around the World
Most of the time it’s the problems of mothers here in the United States that absorb my attention. But every once in a while, I lift my eyes up and look farther away on the horizon. It’s the news from Nigeria that concerns me now. What’s happening to those young teens, stolen in the night from their school, now held hostage, scared, threatened, cut off from their families.  → Read More
Stop Telling Women a Lack of Confidence Is What’s Holding Them Back
There’s a media storm going on about whether women are limited by sexism in our culture or by our own failure to push ourselves forward enough, hindered by self-doubt and persistent feelings of insecurity. If we only behaved with the same self-assurance that men have, we wouldn’t be derailed by motherhood, nor stymied by discrimination in the workplace.  → Read More
Is Your Marriage a Partnership or Rescue Mission?
The bar is set dangerously low for our daughters when they rarely see relationships between men and women in which both parties hold equal value and power. Worse yet, as they move through adolescence they are facing plummeting self-esteem and constant bombardment with messages that their value is defined largely by their desirability to males. All of this raises the stakes significantly for us as parents.  → Read More
Do Your Favorite Movies Pass this Test?
We hear often that women are not fairly represented in movies and in the film industry – but what criteria should be used to judge where a movie stands? Check out this quick and easy test and see how your favorite movies rate.  → Read More
What Happens When Unsuspecting Men Experience Everyday Sexism (Video)
What happens when the tables are turned on everyday sexism? Leah Green from the guardian found out when she approached unsuspecting men and made sexist remarks that women say they hear on a regular basis.  → Read More
The Fourth Wall of Empathy
When Rick Raemisch, Colorado’s new Chief of Corrections, asked to spend time in solitary confinement at a prison in Cañon City, some people thought he had lost it. But Raemisch, in an effort to ignite a larger discussion about the overuse of solitary confinement, knew he needed to walk the walk in order to talk the talk.  → Read More
Want to Know if You are Getting Paid Fairly? There’s an App for That
One day while reading The Huffington Post, I read the article about Senior White House Advisor Valerie Jarrett discussing the wage gap and she said, “there should be an app for that.” I agreed. So I created one.  → Read More
How Do We Empower Women and Engage Men?
After witnessing men in my graduate Women’s Studies classes drop out like an epidemic, I was curious how to make the program more inclusive.  → Read More
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