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Father's Day
A Moment Frozen in Time: Memories of my Father
Growing up my brothers teased me as brothers often do. The story goes that when he found out I was to be a girl he joked, “Send her back!” What’s more, due to complications during my birth I was told he left the hospital. Because of that teasing, I never felt a connection with my dad.  → Read More
9 Ways Dads Can Contribute to Raising Strong, Confident Girls
Some dads are less involved than they could be because they underestimate the important influence they have on their daughter’s development. Others really want to be involved but feel unclear about how to be an effective parent to a girl, especially when she moves beyond the age of 9 or 10. A father plays a fundamentally important role in shaping his daughter’s sense of self-value. This makes it essential that he knows just what to do..  → Read More
Is Your Marriage a Partnership or Rescue Mission?
The bar is set dangerously low for our daughters when they rarely see relationships between men and women in which both parties hold equal value and power. Worse yet, as they move through adolescence they are facing plummeting self-esteem and constant bombardment with messages that their value is defined largely by their desirability to males. All of this raises the stakes significantly for us as parents.  → Read More
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