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Stress in the Family: Helping Our Children to Cope
One of the greatest gifts we can give to our children is the ability to cope. Much as we would like our children to have stress-free lives, that wish is not realistic. We all experience disappointments, loss and anxiety caused by events that we could not have foreseen or are out of our control. When times are good, it is easy for us to be role models. When we are stressed by family issues or financial challenges, we forget that the children are still taking their cues from us. In fact, those times of hardship and struggle provide us with the greatest learning experiences and they can do the same for our children.When your household is in turmoil, remember that your children are looking to you as an example of adult behavior. We are fortunate to be raising children in an era that encourages communication between adults and children. Coping skills are taught and you can teach them.  → Read More
The Chronic Stress of Poverty: Toxic to Children
The first time I met Anthony,[i] it felt like a kick in the stomach—literally. He was sitting on an exam table in my clinic, and as I leaned in close to examine him, he got scared, lost control, and wham! He got me. Anthony’s mother brought him in not just for his rash, but also because she had heard that we had a different way of doing things at the California Pacific Medical Center’s Bayview Child Health Center.  → Read More
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