The Shriver Report – This Must-See Video Will Change The Way You Look at Gender

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This Must-See Video Will Change The Way You Look at Gender


The Representation Project – the same organization that brought us the #NotBuyingIt hashtag and app during the Super Bowl to police sexist ads — has recently released Rewrite the Storyprompting supporters “to pledge to use their voice to challenge society’s limiting representation of gender” – and it is definitely a video worth watching.

Men’s expert, Jackson Katz, clearly explains in the 2-and-a-half minute video how we need to “redefine strength in men not as the power over other people, but forces for justice.  And justice means equality and fairness and working against poverty and working against inequality and violence…that’s strength.”

Also, as Oscar weekend approaches,  The Representation Project is working hard to ensure that we’re all aware of the negative impact of body scrutiny.

On their Google+ page, they remind us all that, “A woman on the red carpet, regardless of her artistic achievements, is far more likely to be asked about her appearance than a man, regardless of his artistic achievements. Isn’t it time we  #AskHerMore?”

To that we say: YES. Yes, it is.


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