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At LIFT, Annie is responsible for supporting LIFT’s AmeriCorps and Shriver Corps program nationwide in LIFT’s six cities. She leads LIFT’s efforts in AmeriCorps recruitment, onboarding and integration into LIFT culture, as well as the AmeriCorps Professional Development curriculum. Prior to working with LIFT’s National Talent Team, Annie worked as a Site Coordinator for two years at LIFT-DC’s Perry School site (through AmeriCorps), as well as served as a Community Advocate all through college at LIFT’s Somerville office.  → Read More
Meet the Shriver Corps Fellows
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Mary Beth Storjohann, CFP is the Founder of Workable Wealth. She works as a writer, speaker and financial coach and leverages technology to work with individuals and couples in their 20s and 30s across the country to help them make smart choices with their money.  → Read More
To Buy or Rent - That is the Question for Gen Yers
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Rosanna Cacace is a reproductive Health Educator and a Certified Family Planning Health Worker for Planned Parenthood Pasadena and the San Gabriel Valley. Since 2009, Rosanna developed and provided comprehensive and evidence based reproductive and sexual health education for various communities in the San Gabriel Valley.  → Read More
Safe and Consensual: Talking to Teens About Sex and Relationships
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Beth Wareham spent 15 years in the commercial publishing houses of New York City as a publicist, director of publicity, editor and publisher before leaving to launch children’s author Sandra Boynton’s app The Going to Bed Book. She has edited Temple Grandin’s Animals in Translation, two editions of Joy of Cooking, cookbooks by Bobby Flay and Al Roker, the mega-bestsellers of Dr. Mark Hyman and Geneen Roth’s Women Food and God. She is CEO of ShadowTeams in New York City.  → Read More
Ebook Love - Sharing Stories of Life
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Jane Garvey is currently North American Chairman at Meridiam Infrastructure.  → Read More
To Strengthen American Infrastructure, Empower American Women
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Lora Poepping began her 13 year career with Microsoft as an MBA-college recruiter and after years of advising hundreds of people on how to most effectively execute their job search, Lora took her passion for people to the next level and founded plum.  → Read More
How My Mother-in-Law’s Dementia Inspires Me
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Elisabeth Mason is the CEO and one of the founders of Single Stop USA, a major national not-for-profit that uses existing resources and infrastructure to restart the engine of American mobility.  → Read More
Quick Click Fix For Change
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Ruthe Farmer has focused her efforts on increasing girls’ participation in technology and engineering since 2001. She provides strategic planning and direction at NCWIT, and leads the NCWIT K-12 Alliance.  → Read More
10 Reasons Why America Needs 10,000 More Girls in Computer Science
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Molly Young runs NFIB’s Young Entrepreneur Foundation, an educational foundation that encourages young people to start their own business and teaches them the skills necessary to do so.  → Read More
Encouraging Men without Disempowering Women
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