The Shriver Report – Susan B. Apel

Special Edition

Susan B. Apel

Susan B. Apel is a lawyer and professor of law who teaches family law, law and medicine, women and the law, and professional skills at Vermont Law School and Geisel Medical School at Dartmouth College. She has published in several professional and other journals on topics such as assisted reproductive technologies, abortion, law teaching, and legal policies concerning women and families.  A complete list of these publications can be found on her faculty page at

On the cusp of early retirement, Susan is re-imagining her life to include more traveling, conversing with friends, and perfecting her French.  She is taking her own advice to explore and expand one of her first loves, writing.

She has published essays on her experience with breast cancer, op-eds on surrogate motherhood and the ethics of fat-shaming, and was a recent weekly guest blogger on a variety of issues relating to gender.

She also blogs at A Woman of a Certain Age, where she is contemplating what aging means. She lives in Lebanon, NH with her husband, Keith, and two cats.

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