The Shriver Report – Randi Rubenstein

Special Edition

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Randi Rubenstein

Ms. Randi Rubenstein founded Education for Successful Parenting (ESP) in 2005 to bring a blend of health and planning perspectives to a new field of pre-parenting education.

Ms. Rubenstein has 25 years of senior-level experience in health, research, and education enterprises.  Prior to founding ESP, she worked at Dorland Healthcare Information, the Health Data Institute, and the RAND Corporation.

As a foster and adoptive parent, she has worked with families who have a variety of life challenges, fostered 10 children, raising four to adulthood.  She now lives in Raleigh NC with her youngest daughter.

Ms. Rubenstein has a Masters of Science degree in Public Health from UCLA, and she is certified as a Qualified Professional Parent Educator through North Carolina Parenting Education Network. In 2011 she received a Certificate of Congressional Recognition for the U.S. House of Representatives for community service.

Ms. Rubenstein is working to create stronger foundations and healthier beginnings for all children and families.

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