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Molly Cantrell-Kraig

According to a national study, the number one reason welfare to work programs fail is lack of reliable transportation. Herself a former single mother, Molly Cantrell-Kraig established Women With Drive Foundation in order to build a collaborative solution to systemic generational poverty with a focus on providing not only the missing element of transportation, but the necessary component of process and structure for the participants they serve.

Included among the CNN10: Visionary Women in honor of Women’s History Month (March 2014), and featured as one of 32 global influencers in Social Media and Inspirational Leadership by The Huffington Post in February 2013, Cantrell-Kraig moved to Chicago in order to learn how to scale their organization nationally. Over the three years’ prior, Women With Drive Foundation had received requests for cars from women in Jordan, Senegal, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and Romania. Since being featured in the Huffington Post and on CNN, they have received requests to open chapters across the country.

Also a speaker covering topics as varied as building relationships between entrepreneurs and the media, women, poverty, social entrepreneurism, tech and impact investing, Cantrell-Kraig has appeared as either a speaker or panelist at NextGen:Charity in New York City; TechWeek Chicago and Pitch Week, Chicago. She was also invited to attend the premier episode of the Ricki Lake Show, in Los Angeles, where the episode featured online communities that had an impact offline.

Cantrell-Kraig also serves as a featured blogger for Successful Blog, appearing on Sundays.

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