The Shriver Report – Maria Mazzei Sellitti

Special Edition

Maria Mazzei Sellitti

Maria Mazzei Sellitti is a native New Yorker who is currently living in North Carolina. She has been a stay-at-home mom since 2009. Maria left her 20-year career with various financial institutions which she has held positions as a Sales Trainer, Securities Lending Control Officer, and the Bank Secrecy Act/OFAC Officer. Throughout her career she has written sales training programs, instructional manuals, policy guidelines and procedural directives. She also is a licensed agent for Life and Health, Medicare and Long Term Care.

Maria faced unexpected challenges with the transition from Corporate America to the stay-at-home mom life. She enjoys writing and sharing her experiences, both personal and professional, the good and not-so-good, with other women so they can feel supported in the challenges they may face.

Maria tries her best to live a joy filled life by finding humor in the everyday craziness of having a 4-year-old son, a husband that’s a NASCAR fan, and being a redhead. When she’s not hip deep in kids stuff she loves to talk with her girlfriends, listen to Stevie Nicks, and catch up with what’s going on with her family in New York and in the Twitter world.

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