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André Taylor

André Taylor is an author, entrepreneur, and popular speaker who writes, consults, and coaches other entrepreneurs and high-potential individuals on matters of life, career, and business success. He’s particularly interested in demystifying and simplifying the psychology, methods, and habits of those who live fulfilling lives. His motto: “Rich Life. Flourishing Business. On Your Terms.”

Gender Equality Is a Myth!
By Beyoncé Knowles-Carter
We need to stop buying into the myth about gender equality. It isn’t a reality yet. Today, women make up half of the U.S. workforce, but the average working woman earns only 77 percent of what the average working man makes. But unless women and men both say this is unacceptable, things will not change.  → Read More
Three Power Moves Men Can Learn From Women in Business
Today’s powerful and accomplished women in business have undoubtedly raised the stakes. Despite justifiable concerns for women aspiring to high-paying career opportunities, industry clout, and far-reaching influence, it’s easy to overlook what women have accomplished in business, even with highly visible examples. I’ve benefited enormously from the way women sense and respond to opportunity, engage with others, and nurture relationships. It made me wonder; What would a group of successful businessmen – entrepreneurs, corporate leaders and professionals — say about their experiences with, and lessons learned by observing women in business?  → Read More