The Shriver Report – More Leisurely Dads, Breast Feeding Barriers and $100 that is worth a Million

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More Leisurely Dads, Breast Feeding Barriers and $100 that is worth a Million


Can’t believe Friday is here! Where does the week go, anyway?  Here’s our weekly roundup of some of the best headlines from across the web—the must-reads and what you may have missed, all in one place! Enjoy.


When women “opt out” of career, do some types of jobs make it easier to lean back in? Like the rest of the web, we’ve been discussing “leaning in” vs. “opting out” a lot this week.  43% of women with children leave their jobs, and only 40% of those women return to work in any capacity.  Fingers crossed that this conversation will open new doors for working mothers!

Full Story: The Atlantic: Why 43% of Women With Children Leave Their Jobs, and How to Get Them Back

Ladies, let’s dig deeper into “tech!” 
Jobs in the STEM fields are limitless – they certainly go beyond IT, software and start-ups. It’s time to redefine what “technology” means for women because the options are bountiful!
Full Story: The Next Women Business MagazineWomen in Tech: Look Beyond IT, Software & Startups!! 


Does dad seem more relaxed than mom? That’s because he might be – on average, men have three more hours of leisure time per week than women. You’ll roll your eyes at how most spend this extra time, though…
Full Story: Pew Research Center“The ‘leisure gap’ between mothers and fathers” 


Hey, Judge! A kid’s gotta eat! The war against women breastfeeding in public continues: a Missouri stay-at-home mom is being charged with contempt of court after bringing her 7-month-old son to jury duty because he won’t take a bottle, and alternate childcare is too expensive.
Full Story: The BlazeBreastfeeding Mom Brings Baby to Jury Duty, Ends Up Getting Charged With Contempt of Court, 


Is an equal relationship just one list away? Author Shannon Meers wrote her future hubby a list of her wants/needs in their relationship, and he agreed. Fifteen years (and two kids!) later, the results speak for themselves.
Full Story: Lean InThe Secret to an Equal Marriage? Ask for What You Need. 


And here is when 100 dollars, is worth a million.  Miami-Dade police officer was asked to arrest a Florida mother for shoplifting from an area grocery store, but when she found out the mother of three had absolutely no food in her home, she went with her gut instead of by the letter of the law.

Full Story (video): ABC News: Florida Cop Buys $100 in Groceries for Woman Caught Shoplifting Food


And if you know a girl who’s ever felt invisible, this will boost her spirits for sure.  And yours, too. Check out this Girl Declaration that aims to make sure girls needs are prioritized.

Source: Upworthy