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Meet the Shriver Corps Fellows


As LIFT’s Talent Lead for AmeriCorps, I would like to take a moment to introduce all of our remarkable Shriver AmeriCorps Fellows who are serving on the front lines of LIFT’s poverty fighting efforts.

I am honored to be working alongside individuals who are as inspiring as the Shriver AmeriCorps Fellows who have dedicated themselves to combatting poverty and social injustice. My own LIFT story began in the LIFT-Boston region where I volunteered for four years in college. I went on to work in the LIFT-DC region as an AmeriCorps member for two years (after spending a year working at a Public Charter High School in Anacostia, Washington, DC). I continued to be so impacted by my service, that I have gone on to work at LIFT’s national headquarters to support AmeriCorps members in all six LIFT cities in carrying out their impactful work.

The Shriver Corps was made possible thanks to the collaboration between LIFT, The Corporation for National and Community Service, and A Woman’s Nation. The Corps honors the legacy of Sargent Shriver, the founder of Peace Corps and the creator of VISTA, Head Start, and many other social programs as the architect of President Johnson’s War on Poverty.

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Please take a moment to meet LIFT’s extraordinary Shriver AmeriCorps Fellows!

Annie Lobel is a Reporter for The Shriver Report.
At LIFT, Annie is responsible for supporting LIFT’s AmeriCorps and Shriver Corps program nationwide in LIFT’s six cities. She leads LIFT’s efforts in AmeriCorps recruitment, onboarding and integration into LIFT culture, as well as the AmeriCorps Professional Development curriculum. Prior to working with LIFT’s National Talent Team, Annie worked as a Site Coordinator for two years at LIFT-DC’s Perry School site (through AmeriCorps), as well as served as a Community Advocate all through college at LIFT’s Somerville office.
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