The Shriver Report – Josh Levs’ Open letter to Boomer & Carton and Mike Francesa for Slamming Paternity Leave

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Josh Levs’ Open letter to Boomer & Carton and Mike Francesa for Slamming Paternity Leave

By Josh Levs


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Dear Boomer & Carton and Mike Francesa,

That’s an incredible amount of ignorance you spewed.  And it’s shameful to men and women everywhere.

Your remarks slamming MLB player Daniel Murphy for having the audacity to take one of his three days of paternity leave were so mind-bogglingly clueless it’s hard to believe they were real.  SNL couldn’t have scripted a better segment and called it “The Time-Traveling Sexists.”

Where have you been for the last several decades, when America has revolutionized?  Today’s dads aren’t just at the hospital for the births of our children.  We’re at home, taking care of them, holding them, doing feedings (maybe you’re unfamiliar with breast pumps and formula?), changing them, reading to them in those critical early days of their lives — days that form bonds and a system of caregiving that tremendously affects their lives and the balance of responsibilities men and women take on at home for years to come.

I could overwhelm you with studies and statistics to prove this, but based on the intellectual level of your comments, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t understand them.  Or care.  Especially given that you, Boomer & Carton, somehow decided there’s a federal law requiring that men get two weeks’ paternity leave.  If you’re going to make things up, why not at least pretend that moms get guaranteed paid leave?  And your statement that Murphy and his wife should have scheduled a C-section based on his work schedule — who says that?  Who thinks that?  How much do you get paid for this moronic drivel?

“Get your ass back to work?”  Seriously, was this some sort of delayed April Fools joke?  But the best part comes when you talk about the role of the man after his wife gets home with the baby.  “I got four of these little rugrats.  There’s nothin’ to do!”  Nothing?  Really?

The same goes for you Mike, calling your own company’s 10-day paternity leave policy “ridiculous.  What do you need 10 days for?  What are you supposed to be doing?  Vacationing?”  Do you have any idea how offensive this is to both moms and dads?  No, of course you don’t.

As I work on my book Stretch Out, I have a tiny section tentatively titled “In Search of Neanderthals.”  It’s about how hard it is to actually find guys with their heads dug so far down in the sand (or elsewhere) that they’ve missed how America has evolved.  There are incredibly few left, contrary to the stereotype.  But thanks to the few with megaphones, like you, the stereotype remains alive and well.

It isn’t too late for you to join the modern world.  You can open your minds and learn.  Reach out to me or to millions of other dads who can set you straight.  In 2014, that would be the manly thing to do.

This post originally ran on Josh Levs’ blog, LevsNews.

photoJosh Levs is a reporter for CNN and is currently writing a book, Stretch Out, on men and work/life balance






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