The Shriver Report – I’ve Been Thinking…What is the Key to a Joyous Life?

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I’ve Been Thinking…What is the Key to a Joyous Life?

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The key to leading a joy-filled life comes from finding inner peace.

So says His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

I had the chance to speak with His Holiness and introduce him to a large gathering at The Forum this past week here in Los Angeles.

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He spoke about compassion being a sign of strength and anger being a sign of weakness.

He spoke about the need for all of us to streamline our lives to find quiet time to develop inner peace and inner fortitude.

From birds, to bees to humans, “Everyone has a right to achieve a happy life,” he said.

Amen to that.

We are all the same. The creatures that live on this one Earth, including ourselves, all share the same desire: to enjoy our time here.

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What I admire about this man is that in his words and in his life he is showing us a new way to live, behave and lead. His wisdom offers us a new way forward.

And his message is the right one. The world needs more compassion, more empathy, more love. We must focus on the things that move us forward. The inspiration that ignites us. The information that influences us. Making that impact on the world must start within each of us. You must calm yourself and your world from the inside. If we can get that right we can right the world.

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To quote His Holiness, we must “innovate a new way to educate.”

I really believe that.

Let’s move forward together. Let’s be the best we can be. The world will follow.

Are you with me?

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