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Mixed Martial Arts Legend Frank Shamrock Opens Up About His Work, Childhood and the Last Time He Cried
In the MMA community Frank Shamrock isn’t just considered a former champion; he’s considered a pioneer. Many (self included) believe him to be the first prototype for what a complete mixed martial artist should be. Needless to say, I was inspired by him long before I knew about his story of struggle, of bouncing in and out of juvenile detention centers, of not feeling loved or wanted in this world even when he was a young man.  → Read More
The White House Summit on Working Families: Real Conversations about Real Families
If you’ve ever closed your eyes in utter defeat and frustration –
if you’ve ever not managed to be in two places at once –
if you’ve ever felt like a failure both as a mom or dad, and as an employee –
…. The White House Working Families Summit was the place for you on Monday June 23.  → Read More
Working on a Dream: Reflections on The White House Summit on Working Families
In the late 1940s, my grandmother found herself a single mother of three, living far from family in Washington, DC, where she had moved to be a Government Girl during the war.  → Read More
Encouraging Men without Disempowering Women
Growing up in a conservative, religious family, the values learned, lessons experienced and relationships made through my church are of utmost importance to me. This religious foundation helped form who I am—a caring, thoughtful, inquisitive, loving woman who values the traditions and lessons that come from my Christian faith. However, one tradition has always irked me: In the church where I grew up, women are not allowed to hold leadership positions. A study by the Barna Group in 2009 found that only 10% of Protestant churches had a female senior pastor.  → Read More
The City-Festo: 10 Ways To Move Your City Forward
A guide to implementing smart policies that support the modern family and lift men & women off the brink. Adopt it, post it, implement it, live it.  → Read More
(WATCH LIVE) White House Summit on Working Families
On Monday, June 23rd, President Obama will host the first ever White House Summit On Working Families to spark a national conversation about the modern family and identify solutions that are both good for employers and workers.  → Read More
Father's Day
A Moment Frozen in Time: Memories of my Father
Growing up my brothers teased me as brothers often do. The story goes that when he found out I was to be a girl he joked, “Send her back!” What’s more, due to complications during my birth I was told he left the hospital. Because of that teasing, I never felt a connection with my dad.  → Read More
9 Ways Dads Can Contribute to Raising Strong, Confident Girls
Some dads are less involved than they could be because they underestimate the important influence they have on their daughter’s development. Others really want to be involved but feel unclear about how to be an effective parent to a girl, especially when she moves beyond the age of 9 or 10. A father plays a fundamentally important role in shaping his daughter’s sense of self-value. This makes it essential that he knows just what to do..  → Read More
Adoption, Fatherhood and Love
 → Read More
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